Writing is nothing like killing a child

NW Book Festival 2016

Around the writers circles you’ll find the saying that completing a book is like taking your child out the back door and shooting them.


completing a book is nothing like that.


writing a book is like walking through the thick, cold muck of all your self doubt. Every step is hard to take. Sometime you fall backwards and sink in the thickness of it all.


Sometimes a branch is hanging low and you ride that sucker as long and as hard as you can, until you can’t.


its painful, like giving birth, but its nothing like killing your own child. This idea has to stop. The idea could deter someone from writing, deter them from the healing that they so desperately need.


completing a book is like giving birth. Defying all the things people have said feels so good.


ending a book is amazing, regardless of what others think. Its amazing. And if you never start …


well. you have my permission. Start the the thing that scares you the most.


you can only change as far as you can imagine.


imagine big. dream big.

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