Waking Earth

Popped over to Youtube to put on some music as I write. I’ve been in the world of Youtube for about a year and I love the fact that you can watch music videos over there–total girl of the 90s.


There’s nothing like a song coming on and being able to feel the summer warmth pushing sweat from your pores. Hearing Metallica playing in the background on the MTV box in the living room, even though theres no-one in there. It was a time when music that moved you was allowed to trickle in from the television, when we were still free, when the last drops of our hippie parents was running low.


I was always envious of the baby boomers. They grew up in an er that changed everything, and they had the Beatles.


Now I know, that we are their seeds.

We haven’t bloomed yet because society thought it best not water us. They took away our MTV, our music, liquidated our arts, and took away our Earth Day.


Just as we started to bloom, they pushed us down, deeper into the soil, thinking that they could bury us. We were supposed to forget about the sky. We know its there, we can feel it. It calls us to the window, the moon at night. Its the reason our closets are stuffed and its why everything looks grey.

Deep down we feel it, its the crave for something more, something money will never satisfy.

We keep waiting for Jesus to descend the clouds and save us, take us to another world where we’re not dying.


Can you see that its already beautiful?

Can feel the urgency, the death of our planet?

Do you understand that were you shop, the things you choose to think, and the quality of soil you consume dictate everything.


The stories I told myself, nearly killed me.


I hope that you realize how powerful you are. The period just before you bloom, feels like forever. You’re so close.

Take each breath, each one, and then another. As the world spins faster, hold on. The light is coming. Earth is Waking.





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  1. Diana
    May 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Girl, you need to be writing song lyrics!

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