Unraveling slowly, cutting deeper


cropped-heart2.jpgScratch that.


What I really want to say, is thank you.


To my readers, new friends, and to the ever humbling universe.


Over the last month I’ve put out a second book, sold books from my suitcase, sold out at San Fransisco’s Comic Con, and just got back from Rose City’s Con.


What really happened:  I picked up a broken piece of myself.

It’s edges were sharp. It had broken off so long ago, I barely recognized it. It cut into me, draining the blood from my veins, warning me that if I forced it back into myself, it would cut me harder than before. So I accept that it will take time.


But I’m getting there. And I thank all of you for accepting the messy journey that I pave. The rushed blog posts, the random bursts of inspiration.


I’m not sure if I’m ready to climb out of the mud, reach for the top of grass, and shed the casing that I’ve built my entire life. But I’m so tired of living beneath the water, drowning in my worthlessness.


I thank you for watching me bleed, gushing my vulnerability, stumble over dreams.


Much Love,



P.S. My karaoke song would be Pearl by Paula Cole.

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