Im still in the tunnel

Looking up

Feeling like I’m drowning at the bottom

But now

I see the light

I know I’m in tunnel

The water feels different

Theres a taste in the air

But I can’t place it

Looking up the tunnel

I know it won’t be long

I’ll taste it

Wondering how I couldn’t before

Mesmerorized that it was there all along

Wishing you’ll realize it there too

The tunnel.


Looking back I started with poetry. I fell in love with Edger Allen Poe’s The Raven. I had memorized it. I still box up a copy overtime I move (which is a lot). So many years I left it unread, left my love of poetry wither. Isn’t that what they say? No one wants poetry, that the world has long lost its poets. That we would should live and accept a earth with no poetry?


Its been a long time.

I’m excited to share my first poem in a really, really long time. With all of you.


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