Musical Vibrations


Rice Fields In Bali From Above by Trey Ratcliff

Music moves you.

Different beats call to different people. Some choose to hear one beat, one type. Others branch out, picking a few that resonate within. I’ll try them all, just as long as it moves me.

I’m getting too old to listen to music that has no meaning.

It’s been so long since I felt moved. I can’t stop listening, feeling, experiencing life.

What you listen to can change everything, open up a whole new path you never dreamed existed.

The song you are longing for, the lyrics we all crave, can be felt in the right beat.

Not so long a time ago, people gathered in a circle to dance, to tell stories. The moon’s hallo captured the only picture. No so long a time ago.


Now, I invite you to pull up a seat. Warm your hands by the fire. Listen, feel the beat of your heart–feel what it means to be alive.


When I was little, the clouds were big and puffy. I’d lay in the sun with toes stretched out, watching all the animals, boats, faces drift by overhead. I was on a planet I’d never been on before, I wasn’t sure why society worked the way it did, and the concept of money and time were beyond my comprehension.

I never had much freedom in High School. I dated an older guy who was off at college. No wonder why that didn’t pan out. By the second semester of College, I was pretty locked into my current marriage. By the time I got my first ‘professional’ job as an Environmental Scientist, I had long felt the sun on my toes. It was still there, but I couldn’t feel it.

The highlight of my week was waiting for a television show.

Looking back, it all started there. I filtered the stories I was being told.

I couldn’t hear my beat until then. It was barely there, a faint glow smoldering in the ashes. I’ve always felt that it was there, but it had been a long time since I could see it, since I could feel the sun on my toes.


I can’t wait to see your face when your flame ignites.




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