I didn’t want to do a series. Originally Yosemite Rising was a two part book. I drafted Yosemite Falls during NaNoWriMo (National Writer’s Month) and stopped 10k words short of the finish line.

At that moment I knew I had to stop. Anything that came after would have to be cut. As is, most of Book Three–thousands of words, 10ks of words, will have to be cut completely. But more important than word count, is the story. Writing Anna’s story was so worth it.


Three pieces were drafted on the blog as the short story series: Anna Unedited. The pieces were posted in the October before Yosemite Rising was published. I sat in the storage area above my garage. The little heater on the floor swooshed the cold, damp air as my fingers froze, typing a scene. A girl of only 17 chugging colon cleanse, prepping for a colonoscopy.


My heart had recently shattered and this, DRAGONFLY, was born.


Anna’s story takes place alongside Elizabeth’s (Yosemite Rising).

This is a better fit for my younger audience.


So here it is. I hope you enjoy it. My Beta readers liked it more than the first one.


 A dragonfly spends most of its life beneath the water. DRAGONFLY COVER

Seventeen year old Anna Page has lived her whole life at the bottom of a trailer park. The dreamcatcher in her bedroom was supposed to prevent bad dreams, but it doesn’t help when your whole life’s a nightmare. Instead of attending high school, she’s working at the local café to pay rent when an Ahwahnee Chief walks in.

He leaves a napkin on the table inscribed with one word, and the symbol of a dragonfly. A symbol Anna should’ve left alone. Instead, her new tattoo marks her as a target.

She awakes from a colonoscopy to find the doctor cowering on the floor and someone banging to get in. While she was asleep, a plague flooded the medical center and now spills out, washing away everything she has ever loved—leaving her with powers she cannot control.

A mysterious organization called Meadowlark will stop at nothing to capture her. With the help of a stranger, she can finally spread her wings and rise to become the Dragonfly. If his secret doesn’t get her killed first.


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