Magnetic Readers



Originally I was going to do bumper stickers, but I understand the need to keep your car’s pristine.


Instead, I came up with these refrigerator magnets.


They are 3in X 3in.



includes shipping in the continental US

all others please inquire for rate

Contact me here for a payment link.


image2In the beginning of November, Yosemite Rising hit #1 in US Horror and #1 in Post-apocolytic on Amazon.

I appreciate everyone who has downloaded and read Elizabeth’s story.


Thank you so much!




So anyone who has left a 4+ review:

I’ll send you a FREE MAGNET


image1Send me your address here.

You pay nothing.

Its my way to say thank you for taking the time to read and leave a review.


Writing is a lonely and brutal path at times.

Hearing that you enjoy the work, gives me the strength to






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