Journey of an Author


October 1st will mark four years since my first blog post.


I’d been writing for about a month. So much has changed, in my life and writing.


I’ve become someone I would have never imagined. I have no bias either way, it just is.


If I would go back and say something to her it would be this:


  1. Don’t worry about the weird looks you get from strangers in the coffee shop as you write and ball your eyes out. Its cool.
  2. Don’t care about what the literary agents want. Write whatever you want, in whatever tone you want. In the end, it doesn’t matter what they think. Your work will speak to the ones it should. You don’t have to force anything.
  3. You can’t imagine where you’ll be in four years. Those late nights–crushing realizations–will set you free.
  4. Its okay to be yourself.
  5. just imagine what another four years will bring. Don’t rush. The journey of blooming is where the moments are. Take your time and take them all in, they are where the present will lay.
  6. in the future, you’ve already done everything you’re afraid of.

Of course these aren’t just for me to remember 😉

~Much love.

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