From the Bottom of the Rabbit’s Hole

photo credit: La Chachalaca Fotografía My Rabbit-Hole via photopin (license)

Doors slam shut and don’t open.

It can create so many worthless feelings.

But they happen for a reason.

For one can not understand what it’s like to look up from the bottom of the rabbit’s hole

until they have fallen.


On the way down, there are two options:

a.) you fight: pulling, gripping, clenching the walls of the tunnel as you fall.


b.) just go with it. Sit your ass down and slide.


Sure. There will be branches, twigs, roots as thick as thighs.


But if you just sit, if you don’t fight it, things can change drastically.


Sit back and enjoy the ride.


Happy Solstice everyone!



  • 2017 was a full year of moving cross country TWICE, starting an organic farm, welcoming a new baby, and adopting 7 puppies.
  • 2018 Yosemite Rising will be released in Audio, a new stand-alone will be completed, and I think Yosemite Falls is just about done smoldering.

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