I didn’t want to do a series. Originally Yosemite Rising was a two part book. I drafted Yosemite Falls during NaNoWriMo (National Writer’s Month) and stopped 10k words short of the finish line. At that moment I knew I had to stop. Anything that came after would have to be cut. As is, most of Book Three–thousands of words, 10ks… Read more →

One Year & surprises!

A year has passed.   Yosemite Rising came into the world a year ago to date.   It’s been a wild ride and I’m so excited to share it with you.   So the question is: Where’s the next book?   After completing Yosemite Rising, I took a break and drafted a whole separate stand-alone novel.   Then NaNoWriMo (National… Read more →

Notes to My Children: One

My kids keep asking me to write them a story. I spend so much time writing and nothing to read to them, other than other people’s stories. And I’ve tried. Let me tell you. I’ve tried. Each story comes out twisted, dark, too adult to read aloud to them. So here is something that one day they may read. Most… Read more →


Im still in the tunnel Looking up Feeling like I’m drowning at the bottom But now I see the light I know I’m in tunnel The water feels different Theres a taste in the air But I can’t place it Looking up the tunnel I know it won’t be long I’ll taste it Wondering how I couldn’t before Mesmerorized that… Read more →