Yosemite Rising: The Audiobook is here!

YOSEMITE RISING IS NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIOBOOK!   I am so excited to share the news with you.   So many hours were put into this project. I thought writing a damn book was a challenge. Creating and narrating Yosemite Rising to form this audiobook, has been an amazing challenge and accomplishment.   I would like to thank James… Read more →

Writing is nothing like killing a child

Around the writers circles you’ll find the saying that completing a book is like taking your child out the back door and shooting them.   completing a book is nothing like that.   writing a book is like walking through the thick, cold muck of all your self doubt. Every step is hard to take. Sometime you fall backwards and… Read more →

From the Bottom of the Rabbit’s Hole

Doors slam shut and don’t open. It can create so many worthless feelings. But they happen for a reason. For one can not understand what it’s like to look up from the bottom of the rabbit’s hole until they have fallen.   On the way down, there are two options: a.) you fight: pulling, gripping, clenching the walls of the… Read more →

It is Time

Aquarius approaches. I’ll be moving into my 37th year on Earth. I’ve felt like I’ve been wrapped in a cocoon for most of that. If you’ve followed the blog you can probably see that I’ve wanted to burst out. I’ve been trying to bust out of this person I pretend not to be. For it is a lot on ones… Read more →