Dragonfly: The AudioBook is here!

DRAGONFLY IS NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIOBOOK!   Book 2 of the MEADOWLARK series is now available through: AMAZON | AUDIBLE | iTUNES   If you liked Yosemite Rising in audio, you’ll love this one.   So many blessing to James Book of Top Secret Productions for letting me use Ninkasi Studios and his amazing presence on this earth. I couldn’t have done either audiobook… Read more →

Yosemite Rising: The Audiobook is here!

YOSEMITE RISING IS NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIOBOOK!   I am so excited to share the news with you.   So many hours were put into this project. I thought writing a damn book was a challenge. Creating and narrating Yosemite Rising to form this audiobook, has been an amazing challenge and accomplishment.   I would like to thank James… Read more →

From the Bottom of the Rabbit’s Hole

Doors slam shut and don’t open. It can create so many worthless feelings. But they happen for a reason. For one can not understand what it’s like to look up from the bottom of the rabbit’s hole until they have fallen.   On the way down, there are two options: a.) you fight: pulling, gripping, clenching the walls of the… Read more →

Magnetic Readers

FRIG MAGNETS ARE IN!   Originally I was going to do bumper stickers, but I understand the need to keep your car’s pristine.   Instead, I came up with these refrigerator magnets.   They are 3in X 3in.   $3.00 includes shipping in the continental US all others please inquire for rate Contact me here for a payment link.   In the beginning… Read more →

Spooktoberfest Story

October is one of my favorite and most dreaded months. I love the change in color as Earth sheds the flourish of summer. Whips of cold air and rustling of crinkled leaves sets up the perfect time to immerse ones self in horror stories. Halloween brings with it the closest this reality comes to that of the spirit world and… Read more →

Journey of an Author

  October 1st will mark four years since my first blog post.   I’d been writing for about a month. So much has changed, in my life and writing.   I’ve become someone I would have never imagined. I have no bias either way, it just is.   If I would go back and say something to her it would… Read more →

Unraveling slowly, cutting deeper

  Scratch that.   What I really want to say, is thank you.   To my readers, new friends, and to the ever humbling universe.   Over the last month I’ve put out a second book, sold books from my suitcase, sold out at San Fransisco’s Comic Con, and just got back from Rose City’s Con.   What really happened:  I picked… Read more →